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"Because tomorrow may be Too Late."


Stop and Surrender Inc. has been providing substance abuse services to the North Philadelphia Region and surrounding neighborhoods since 1998. Our staff members are experienced therapists with diverse backgrounds in the field of substance abuse and recovery.  Not only do they bring theoretical knowledge to the table but also hard learned experiences and practical wisdom. In addition to recovery services, we also address concurrent conditions and provide referrals where appropriate.

The mission of Stop & Surrender, Inc. is to provide a holistic approach to the therapeutic treatment concept of recovery. We are driven by dedication to ensure that an increased awareness of addiction related concerns are addressed, as well as, social and economical advancement. It’s our hope to establish a better quality of living for those who suffer from the disease of addiction.

Stop and Surrender is a spiritual community based Drug & Alcohol Program which has been offering services to individuals affected with the disease of addiction since the early 1990's.

During the fiscal year 2014 – 2015 Stop & Surrender, Inc. continued working with the community advocates addressing substance abuse, alcoholism and homelessness that have impacted our neighborhoods and communities. Stop & Surrender, Inc. has worked diligently to improve its relationship with the recovering community, advocates of recovery and agencies such as Fairmount Treatment, North Philadelphia Health Systems, Pro-Act, the Consortium, the Philadelphia Court System and the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, just to name a few. These agencies strongly support Stop & Surrender, Inc.’s mission and make referrals to our program on a regular basis. Entering 2016 the agency will be offering Alumni Activities, Family Day and Legal Counseling for participants of the Outpatient Program.

Stop & Surrender, Inc. continues to develop its clinical operations by continually evaluating our clinical offering, working closely with NIAC, attending pertinent trainings that offer best practice skills, recruiting, training and mentoring professional staff that is sensitive to the needs of our program participants. Stop & Surrender, Inc.’s commitment to provide high quality services to its program participant is the hallmark of our passion.


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